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For potable water storage. What tank do we use?

For drinking water storage, the material should be TPU which meets the FDA certificate.

For Chemical Storage, what tank do you need?

For Chemical storage, the PVC is good choice, especially for acid or mild liquid.

What types of fish tanks do you have?

Square shape tank and round shape tank.

What kinds of material do you use for the fish tank?

The main body of the tank is PVC which is 6P material, safety to fish farming.

The support is galvanized steel wire mesh (or galvanized steel frame).

Is the material thicker, the quality is better?

The recommended thickness of material is suitable to the most situations. So if you need to use it in special situation, please let us know, then we will recommend it accordingly.

I need a 20tons water storage, what size of tank do you recommend?

It depends on the working site, for water storage only, we recommend to consider a pillow tank, regular dimension: 6m*5m(length*width), custom available.

What size do you supply?

The tank, size ranges from 25gal(100L) to 250,000gal(1,000,000L), the regular sizes: 5000L 10,000L 20,000L 40,000L, etc.

How many thickness of material do you use for the tanks? .

The thickness we used: 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, as usual,

size from 500L to 9000L, the 0.7mm recommended.

10,000L to 60,000L tanks, the 0.9mm/1.0mm recommended.

Over 60,000L to 400,000L, the 1.2mm/1.3mm recommended.

Over 400,000L to 500,000L, the 1.5mm recommended

Do you provide OEM services?

Yes, we can do the custom service according to your designs.

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 7-24 days, depending on the quantity.

How is the shipment?

We can arrange the shipment by Express, Air, or by Sea;

the packing less than 90kgs, we recommend to delivery by Express.

Over 85kgs to 200kgs, and less than 1m3 packing, we recommend to deliver by Air or by Sea.

Over 1m3 or over 200kgs, by Sea recommended.

How longt is the lifspan of the tanks?

Using in a right way, the lifespan is over 10 years.

How long is the warranty?

12 months after receiving them.

Why do you only provide 1 year warranty for a 10 years lifespan product?

The lifespan is 10 years, it is decided by the quality of the product and the usage by the user. Like a TV, the ordinary lifespan is 10 years, but the warranty is 3 months usually.

Would you share some information on the repair procedure on the tank?

The lifespan of tank is over 10 years, and the material is UV-resistant, so it’s only easy to be damaged, but we also consider the emergency situation, as usual there have 3 ways:

1) Emergency Bar, a special shape rubber bar, using it when visual hole occurs.

2)Emergency Clasp, a exclusive clasp, for cutting hole repaired.

3) Glue+TPU Material, for small hole repaired.

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