applications-chemical storage bladder-offshore platform

About project

Period: 2019 – NOW, each year.

Country: China and UK.

Subject: Undersea chemical storage containement at offshore platform.

Chemical Storage:

The chemical liquids: IMC-401 sea coloring agent(neutral solvent) and IMC-932-H eoxidizer, corrision inhibitor, scale inhibitor and bactoricide solvent(weak acid solvent).

The working condition: temperature(-20-50 degree); contact time: 1 month; place: undersea 2000m.

Our Task Was

Providing the chemical storage containment to meet the requirements of the chemical solvent and the undersea working condition.


The most important part is the chemical compatible. We should figure out the compatibility between our bladder tank and the solvent and seawater. And the designs and materials on the custom tank and the accessories.

  • Communicate on the basic information on the chemical tank, like the seawater and solvent compatible.
  • Discuss the details on the fittings.
  • Present the drawing and confirmed.
  • Produce the first sample and wait for the confirmation after test from customer.
  • Sample confirmed, bulk chemical storage container produced.
  • Production period: 60 days, and on time delivery.
  • Provide manual with chemical bladders to guide how to use.


The custom chemical storage bladder works well, the company buys the chemical bags from us every year.

  • Chemical compatible.
  • Suitable designs.
  • On time delivery.


For custom bladder tank, the working place and working condition are very important parts.

And sample order is necessary for complicated design product, as the customer may change some details after sample tested.

Once the bulk order confirmed, the delivery should be on time.