applications-green pvc irrigation tank-water storage

About project of irrigation tank

Period: 2017

Country: Georgia

Subject: 80,000L Irrigation Tank

This project runned in a remote rural area in Georgia. The agricultural water supply was unstable. Then the local farmers need reliable water supply for agricultural process. Including the irrigation tank, animal drinking water tank, and other water storage tank.

Our Task Was

Providing products to solve the problems of water storage in rural area.


We had confirmed some details on the irrigation bladder with customers in advance. Including the sizes, purposes, working condition, etc.

  • Communicate with customer on the working condition.
  • Discuss the requirement of water volume.
  • Confirm the area to place the irrigation bladders.
  • Recommend the Pillow Tank, quote within 24 hours with drawing, and confirmed.
  • Process the production according to the designs in 10 days.
  • Arrange the international shipment via Sea to Georgia.
  • There have paper manual to customer and we also provide the online guide on installation.
  • Done.


80,000L irrigation tank placed in the area. They supply the water to the farmers for irrigation water, firefighting water, animal drinking water.

  • Solve the irrigation water supply tank in the area.
  • Economical shipment.
  • Easy and fast installation.


For irrigation bladder, design is important, we need the supports from customers on details.

After the design, the shipment is also an important part. To this project, 2 optional: by Sea or Air. If not urgent, by Sea is an economical way.

And the installation or irrigation tank, we provide the at site installation service. But to this project, it’s not necessary, the online guide and manual can hep customers to install them at local by themselves.