applications-jet fuel storage bladders-custom shapes

About project

Period: 2018 – NOW, 2 times/year

Country: Pakistan( Military )

Subject: Military jet fuel storage, custom sizes

There have five designs of fuel bag which will be placed in different area in the aircraft.

  1. 5 complicated designs of custom fuel bladders.
  2. The fuel storage tank must be compatible to JP-8(jetfuel).

Our Task Was

Providing fuel storage tank according to customer’s designs. And the fabric material must meet their requirement. As the working periold is limited, so the delivery must be on time.


The custom fuel bag, the shape is a diffucult part, but we’re lucky, the customer visited our factory and spent 7 days with us to produce the samples and modify the designs, then finally make them all come true.

  • Communicate on the designs of the fuel bag and confirm some details.
  • Make sure the TPU fabric is compatible to the JP-8.
  • Produce the samples, for the first sample, we produced 3 times.
  • After the 5 samples done, sent to our customer, tested in Pakistan.
  • Samples permitted, bulk order confirmed.
  • Delivery on time.


Finally, our fuel storage bladder meets their requirement, and we have estimated long term cooperation.

  • 5 complicated designs done.
  • Custom accessories done.
  • Compatible fabric to JP-8.
  • On time delivery.


Sample is very important, especially for complicated designs(like this jet fuel storage tank). When we do more in advance, we can help our customers to avoid some troubles.