applications-600m3 shrimp farming tanks-blue pvc frame tanks

About project

Period: 2017

Country: Malaysia

Subject: Shrimp breeding project

The customer has ran the shrimp farm, using our PVC shrimp farming tank to replace concrete tanks.

  1. The area, size, and quantity confirmed.
  2. The shrimp tank must be safe, the shrimp is sensitive, if the water quality is poor, the death rate will be high.

Our Task Was

Providing safe material for shrimp culture, and make designs based on the project area, the size of tank.


In this project, the customer needed only 2 tanks to run this 600m3 project, then each tank is 300m3, so the drainage system, we consider the most.

  • Based on the area, make the design of the tank, 18m*1.2m(diameter*height) each tank.
  • Consider the big size, we make the slope bottom, then the shrimp tank can clean in easy way.
  • After the design confirmed, we provide the 6P free material with test to customer.
  • Once the design and fabric confirmed, we quote within 24 hours.
  • The production was done within 15 days.
  • And delivery on time.
  • Guide the installation via manual and online service.


The customer satisfied on the shrimp breeding tanks. Helping him to solve the leakage problem, the clean problem, and UV aging problem.

  • 2sets of 300m3 tanks.
  • Slope bottom to drainage port.
  • 6P free fabric, safe to shrimp, safe to human.


The flexible aquaculture tank is a good way to replace the rigid fish/shrimp farming tank.

Safety: heavy duty breeding fabric.

Small package: can be packed in small size when empty.

Good design: our design starts from our customer and service to our customer.

Custom available: we’re factory, custom available, even for 1 tank.